Lim Josephine

Josephine Lim

Manager, Global Communications, Asia Pacific

January 18, 2024

West Singapore team takes action on water environment with Waterways Watch Society

At West, we are not only committed to helping create a healthier world, but also to being good stewards of a sustainable future. Partnering with Waterways Watch Society (WWS), West Singapore team recently set out on kayaks to participate in waste collection sessions, making a tangible impact on the water environment.

West Singapore's Kayak Cleanup for a Sustainable, Compassionate Future

A total of 36 team members from 3 locations across West Singapore joined the clean-up activities. Before kayaking, the team underwent a brief orientation, gaining insights into the state of waterways in Singapore and reinforcing the individual responsibilities towards community and environmental protection. In an hour, they cleared the reservoir of 34kg of plastic waste, first-handily improving the situation of waste and litter in crucial water sources.

West Singapore's Kayak Cleanup for a Sustainable, Compassionate Future

The team thoroughly enjoyed the session with WWS and the chance to be able to play a direct role in keeping Singapore clean. In the meantime, West also contributed a S$28,500 sponsorship to WWS’s organization development and its education program. The program aims to empower students with knowledge through talks and value-in-action sessions, fostering an understanding of the importance of clean waterways and sustainability. This is a crucial step in nurturing a generation of leaders who are passionate about caring for the Earth and the environment.

Actions speak louder than words. As we paddle forward, we will keep making waves of positive changes to continue our 100-year of success and solidify the foundation for a sustainable and compassionate future. Learn more about our commitment to the environment here.

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