Envision® Plungers

A risk mitigation solution

The West Envision® automated inspection system enhances the quality of Westar® ready-to-sterilize (RS) and Westar ready-to-use (RU) pharmaceutical components by significantly reducing adhered and embedded particulate found in primary pharmaceutical packaging components.

  • Used in an ISO 5 environment
  • Designed to meet applicable current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards
  • Components are inspected for:
    • Loose and embedded foreign contamination
    • Trimming defects
    • Molding defects
  • Use of Envision verification can potentially:
    • Increase product yield by reducing the number of drug product rejects
    • Increase your operational efficiency by optimized throughput
    • Minimize Cost of Poor Quality
      • Reduced waste
      • Reduce re-work











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