4040 LyoTec® Stoppers

Designed with the Future in Mind

Drawing from West’s deep elastomer formulation expertise and using QbD principles, the development of the 4040/40 elastomer formulation was focused on raw material selection to make significant progress in mitigating the risk of particulates, extractables & leachables, and fragmentation & coring.

4040 LyoTec® components provide confidence you have chosen a high-performing primary packaging product, de-risking your new drug from development through patient administration.

4040 LyoTec® components start with a Quality-by-Design (QbD) approach to deliver:

  • Ultra-low extractables & leachables 
  • Well-characterized extractables profile 
  • Low level of particulates
  • Formula optimized for low moisture content 
  • Optimized drying properties
  • Compatibility with steam sterilization or gamma irradiation 
  • Risk-mediated supply 
  • Platform portfolio and global supply network strategy 

4040/40 Product specifications

4040 LyoTec Stopper Packaging Options

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