SmartDose® Gen. III 3.5mL Drug Delivery Platform

Preloaded technology for integrated containment and delivery

As a leader in integrated containment and delivery solutions, West is proud to introduce an innovative preloaded device to the SmartDose drug delivery platform. The SmartDose Gen. III device has been preloaded and designed around patient use to instill confidence, provide convenience and maximize comfort for a superior patient experience that can enable better adherence and health outcomes.

SmartDose Gen III Logo

  • Pre-loaded SmartDose Generation (Gen.) III system
  • Uses proprietary prefillable cartridge as primary container
  • Final assembly does not require cleanroom environment
  • Reduced user steps with pre-loaded cartridge
  • Subcutaneous injection for self-administration
  • Pre-programmable injection time and rate
  • Ability to deliver high volume and high viscosity drug products
  • Simple, easy-to-use system with fewer user steps
  • Visual, tactile and audible feedback boosts patient confidence
  • Onboarding and training solutions

SmartDose Gen III Technical Specifications

SmartDose Gen III Logo





SmartDose® is a registered trademark of West Pharma. Services IL, Ltd., a subsidiary of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

West markets SmartDose® as a multi-component system only.  Final assembly of the prefilled component is completed by the pharmaceutical company.

SelfDose™ is a trademark of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. 

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