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2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

By West's Communications Team

六月 18, 2019

West is proud to announce that its 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report has been published and is now live on the West website. This report provides a summary of West’s efforts in six key areas including Compliance and Ethics, Philanthropy, Diversity, Health and Safety, Environmental Sustainability and Quality. Below is Part One of a blog series where we look a bit closer at each of our focus areas in the Report, beginning with our commitment to Environmental Sustainability.

By Elizabeth Crawford

九月 14, 2017

We are proud to announce our inaugural Corporate Responsibility Report. We have featured four segments of this report, highlighting West’s Compliance and Ethics programs, Philanthropic efforts, Diversity initiatives, and Health and Safety practices.

The fifth and final segment of this five-part series on West’s Corporate Responsibility will highlight Environmental Sustainability initiatives at West.