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By Page McAndrew

十二月 15, 2017

The needle of a pre-filled syringe is extremely important. From manufacture, through packaging/transportation, to patient delivery – if the needle is not protected, the drug product cannot be delivered effectively.  To protect needles to ensure patient safety, West has developed Rigid Needle Shields (RNS) in two sizes: 1/2” for subcutaneous injections (e.g., heparins) and 5/8” for intramuscular injections (e.g., vaccines). RNS consist of a two-part system – a soft rubber inner shell and a perforated, hard polypropylene outer shell. This system maintains container closure integrity (CCI) for both an ISO 11040 glass syringe with staked needle, and a polymer-based syringe (e.g., Daikyo Crystal Zenith® insert needle syringe).

By Mike Schaefers

六月 12, 2017

This week, West is delighted to be at the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Europe Annual Meeting in Berlin, Germany. During the show, we will provide more information on our Rigid Needle Shield (RNS). Designed to provide added safety for prefilled syringes with a staked needle, the West RNS helps assure the integrity of injectable drug products. The West RNS will be showcased along with West’s comprehensive product portfolio and technical insights.