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By Your Side for Collaboration

By Victoria Morgan

十月 10, 2019

The development of new biosimilar products has increased over the past several years. Europe and Asia Pacific have been leading the industry with the greatest number of biosimilars being introduced to the market. Given the demand to reduce medical costs for patients, this trend is expected to increase globally in the coming years.

By Your Side for Quality

By Andy Polywacz

八月 28, 2019

In order to ensure the best quality drug product and optimal patient outcomes, it’s important for drug manufacturers to foster a collaborative effort with their packaging suppliers from the beginning – and that means starting with the patient in mind. Understanding patient needs and how that drug will be delivered, whether through one of West’s delivery devices or some other device, will help determine the needs within the West manufacturing process.

By Your Side for Innovation

By Silji Abraham

七月 31, 2019

Today’s business environment demands a seamless and continual transition of digital experience to conduct business and engage various stakeholders in the same way we conduct the rest of our lives outside work. The experience expectation is consistent across devices of choice from phones to tablets to laptops. That’s why West partners with the world’s top pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic companies to embrace technology that supports the patients they serve with online resources and tools to better manage their health. In turn, we’re looking to support our customers with digital tools to help speed the research and development process of bringing life-saving medicines to patients that need them.

CPhI China Tradeshow

By Jessie Zhang

六月 20, 2019

At the recent CPhI China Conference, we introduced our Integrated Solutions Program to the Asia Pacific Market. The Program is designed to help reduce risk, mitigate regulatory complexity and Simplify the Journey™ from molecule to market for our pharmaceutical partners.

Analytical Labs

By West's Technical Customer Service

十一月 30, 2018

A key element of West’s commitment to a safe and efficient delivery of drug products is staying abreast of industry developments, and being prepared to help customers navigate them. Recently Dow Corning introduced a new product - Dow Corning® 366 35% Dimethicone NF Emulsion.