Flip-Off® Plus RU Seals

Because clean sealing matters

West Flip-Off Plus Seals are designed to meet global clean crimping regulations. Flip-Off Plus Seals ensure optimal usability with a certified bioburden prior to sterilization and premium quality TrueEdge® manufacturing technology.

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Flip-Off Plus RU Seals:

  • Deliver validated, industry-proven clean crimping and sterilization processing
  • Support crimping under Grade A air supply conditions, comparable with an ISO 5 environment. 
  • Combine premium seal manufacturing processes with EMA Annex 1 compliance
  • Offer an ideal capping solution for drugs sold in EMA jurisdictions and globally due to the specification of seal bioburden prior to sterilization
  • Available in sterilized or non-sterilized formats

Flip Off Plus RU Seals Product Attributes



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