Daikyo Crystal Zenith® Vials

The Clear Solution

Crystal Zenith® vials are comprised of a high-quality cyclic olefin polymer (COP). With glass-like transparency, superior break resistance and low risk of chemical interactions, Crystal Zenith vials help to overcome drug-related challenges, including delamination and particulates, and provide an integrated lifecycle solution designed to maintain drug safety, purity and efficacy.

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  • Sterile, Ready-To-Use (RU)
  • Well-suited to Biotechnology, Cell & Gene Therapy and Radiopharmaceutical Applications
  • Provide Safe Containment for Cold and Cryogenic Storage
  • Very Low Particle Levels
  • Break Resistance – Prevent Breakage during Transport, Storage and End-User Handling
  • Eliminate the Risk of Delamination - Compatible with High and Low pH Products
  • Low Protein and Peptide Adsorption
  • 100% Camera Vision Inspected
  • Available with Light-Protection for Light-Sensitive Drugs (25 mL P3)

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