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COVID-19 Whitepaper

By Whitney Winters

九月 02, 2020

The need to provide vaccines for the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has presented the pharmaceutical industry with unprecedented challenges. Among them are accelerated timelines for development/approval and unanticipated volumes for manufacture/delivery. Ordinarily for a new drug product, there is ample time for selecting the primary package system and establishing component availability.

NanoPass Intradermal Injection

By Doug Hostetler

七月 10, 2018

Microneedles have been around for the past two decades; however, recent advances in technology have enabled their manufacturing in a variety of different forms and at lower cost than previously possible. The technologies, ranging from hollow, solid, coated to dissolving, have captured the interest of many vaccine and drug manufacturers as an alternate form of delivery primarily due to the potential advantages associated with transdermal and intradermal delivery.