A defining characteristic of West is our commitment to put people first — our customers, their patients, our team members and others in need, especially during challenging times. West is proud to stand by the side of the communities where our team members live and work with impactful philanthropic programs.

West targets philanthropic activities and local charities that align with our mission in the focus areas of: children, people with disabilities, healthcare, and education (with a focus on STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The Company’s charitable giving framework is separated into three tiers: 

  1. Corporate Giving through direct charitable gifts made by West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. and its subsidiaries;
  2. The Herman O. West Foundation, an independently managed charitable entity that meets the requirements of 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code, which awards scholarships and matching gifts; and
  3. West without Borders*, our team member-led giving program that has raised millions of dollars since its inception in 2004.

Throughout the pandemic, West has stood by the side of communities to combat the consequences of the virus. West has donated over $1 million to global and local organizations providing COVID-19 relief, including the United Nations Foundation, the American Red Cross, the Food Bank in Waterford, Ireland, and Banco de Alimentos in Puerto Rico. In 2020, Corporate and Foundation giving reached approximately $3.2 million, including the $1 million COVID-19 donation.

In 2020, the Herman O. West Foundation awarded 20 scholarships to the children/dependents of team members in the United States, as well as $42,000 in grants to team members in need through our Employee Emergency Fund.

Team members are at the heart of our philanthropic programs at West. Throughout our 98-year company history, our team members have generously donated their resources and time to help support those in need in their local communities. Their enthusiasm for giving back breathes meaning into our Core Value of One West Team.

In a uniquely challenging year in history, our One West Team did not waver in serving their communities. Their resolve was strengthened as they saw the direct and immediate impacts of their efforts to help families in need. In 2020, team member donations increased by 70% over 2019. One example where our team members came together to help others was our annual food drive. They collected tens of thousands of pounds of food, as charities and food banks around the world experienced increased demand for life-sustaining supplies.

In 2020, West introduced Dollars for Doers, in which team members who volunteer at a West-sponsored event or capstone charity can earn funds to be donated to the charities of their choice. We are excited for this volunteering program to ramp up now following many of the COVID-19 lockdowns, and we continue engaging our team members in virtual volunteering opportunities where possible. West has also engaged in efforts to expand many of these programs beyond the US.

In recognition of our commitment to philanthropy, West was proud to receive several awards in 2020. Notably, West was awarded with a Faces of Philanthropy award from the Philadelphia Business Journal, honoring our ongoing partnership with Canine Partners for Life. Thank you to our One West Team for your humbling generosity and dedication you have shown this year to ensure that our philanthropic programs continue to thrive.

2020 Highlights:

  • $1M in donations targeting COVID-19 response efforts
  • 70% increase in team member donations
  • $42,000 in grants to our team in need through our Employee Emergency Fund
  • ~20,000 pounds of food donated during our annual food drive
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