Our One West Team shares a defining characteristic — the commitment and desire to put people first — which anchors our purpose of improving patient lives around the globe. Philanthropy runs  deep through West’s culture, with our team members organizing and executing ways to make generous donations of  both time and resources to contribute  to a healthier world.

Throughout our 100-year history, philanthropy has been a cornerstone of West’s culture. It anchors our purpose of improving patients’ lives around the globe and enables us to amplify our impact in the communities in which we live and work.

Our One West Team continues to share a characteristic that has defined West since its beginning — the commitment and desire to put people first. Supported by the company, our team members organize and donate time for service days, fundraising events, and other volunteering opportunities for charitable organizations.

West’s charitable giving framework is separated into three tiers:

  1. Corporate Giving through direct charitable gifts made by West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., and its subsidiaries. This giving is focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education, ESG and Community Services, Healthcare, and People with Disabilities.
  2. Foundation Giving through the Herman O. West Foundation, which is focused on West’s Scholarship Program, the Employee Emergency Fund, Employee and Campaign Matching, and Dollars for Doers, which encourages employee volunteering.
  3. Employee Giving through our West without Borders* campaigns, which support our Annual Global Giving Campaigns, Food Drives, Local Campaigns, and Global Volunteerism.

Through strategic program implementation, our Corporate Giving donated over $2.7 million, including almost $600,000 to cancer research and support, manufacturing readiness and STEM education, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) and scholarships.

The Herman O. West Foundation continued its support of team members facing hardships by awarding 476 grants from the Employee Emergency Fund. Much of this support was given to our team members in Puerto Rico after the devastation from Hurricane Fiona, and our team in China as they endured lengthy COVID-19 lockdowns. The Foundation also awarded 20 scholarships to the children/dependents of team members in the United States.

Our overall Employee Giving saw a 16% increase from the previous year’s giving, highlighted by a 110% increase over 2021 in pounds of food collected during the Annual Global Food Drive and a 5% increase in employee donations.

We are proud of the culture of giving in each of the regions in which we operate, including some of these highlights:

Asia Pacific
  • Our team in India supported the Navajeevan Blind Relief Center for local children in need.
  • Taiwan’s campaign benefited the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, helping to give children in poverty digital learning opportunities.
  • Our teams in Germany combined to donate over 14,000 pounds of food during their annual food drive.
  • West’s Ireland sites donated clothing and essential goods for Ukrainian refugees.
  • West’s Grand Rapids, MI site supported The Children’s Healing Center, with a 133% increase in donation over the previous year that went towards enabling children with weakened immune systems to play and interact with each other.
  • A West community grant helped to fund the expansion of the Unite for Her breast cancer organization to Native Americans in Arizona.

In this year of our centennial celebration, we are humbled by our roots and the long-term commitment of giving at West. We are so grateful for our team members and their continued generosity and dedication to our philanthropic programs. In the words of our founder, we look forward to “Keep everlastingly at it” as we continue to grow our giving and make a meaningful impact on improving lives around the globe for many years to come.

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