Philanthropy continues to be one of the driving forces of West’s culture and our One West Team. As we look to the future, we are committed to further expansion of our strategic programs that will showcase West as a global philanthropic leader. In addition, we continue to explore opportunities to focus on ESG initiatives within our philanthropic partnerships.

West’s charitable giving framework is separated into three tiers:

  1. Corporate Giving through direct charitable gifts made by West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., and its subsidiaries. This giving is focused on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), ESG and Community Services, improving access to health care and research for people with disabilities.
  2. Foundation Giving through the Herman O. West Foundation, which is focused on West’s Scholarship Program, the Employee Emergency Fund, Employee and Campaign Matching, and Dollars for Doers, which encourages employee volunteerism.
  3. Employee Giving through our West without Borders* campaigns, which supports our annual global giving campaigns, food drives, local campaigns and global volunteerism.

In 2023, larger impact strategic programs were introduced in Europe with major grants focused on Diabetes/Obesity research and care. In addition, we implemented new programs in Singapore focused on waterways waste reduction.

Our Corporate Giving donations totaled $2.75 million, with over $1 million of grants focused on cancer research and support, manufacturing readiness and STEM education, DE&I and scholarships.

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