As West nears its 100th anniversary, we reaffirm our longstanding commitment to the employee experience, diversity and inclusion (EXDI), inherent in our core value of One West Team. 

As West celebrates its 100th anniversary, we reaffirm our longstanding commitment to employee experience, diversity, and inclusion (EXDI), which is inherent to our core value ofOne West Team.

We know that EXDI benefits the entire workforce and supports the overall success of our business. West does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any team member, customer, or service provider because of age, race, color, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, military service or application, marital status, citizenship status, physical or mental disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or other protected characteristics under applicable laws.

We are working hard to create a safe and inclusive environment that allows all team members to bring their best selves to work each day, ensuring that our team members across the world — with varying life, educational, cultural, and family experiences — all have a voice. We learn and grow through the wide diversity of thoughts and ideas.

Building on the success of previous years, West’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Leadership Team continue to maintain a steady focus on EXDI objectives, including increasing diversity throughout all team member levels. Currently, 36 percent of West’s Board of Directors are women or members of an underrepresented population. In addition, 70 percent of West’s Executive Team are women and/or U.S. minorities.

Based on the analyses of the 2022 Our Voices Team Member Engagement Survey results, and to further refine our EXDI strategy, members of West’s Senior Leadership Team held team member town halls for theirareas to introduce Our Voices Survey results specific to their functions and emphasize the importance of providing an exceptional employee experience while valuing diversity and inclusion. The West CEO-led Inclusion Council continues to oversee our diversity strategy and metrics and to champion both local and global Employee Business Resource Group (EBRG) efforts.

As part of our continuous pursuit to identify crucial ESG challenges that West faces, we have recently recognized supply chain diversity as a priority. With a commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive supply chain, we aim to intensify and rejuvenate our endeavors in diversifying our supply chain. This resolute focus will empower us to create deeper connections with suppliers who embody a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We understand the inherent value of collaborating with suppliers whose composition reflects the demographic diversity of the markets that we serve. By embracing a broader range of suppliers, we unlock possibilities to exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional value. This strategic approach not only sharpens business acumen but also propels us towards the fulfillment of our commitment to instigate positive societal change across our global community while fostering an environment that celebrates and embraces diversity.

Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

Emphasizing diversity is a key aspect of our recruitment strategy, with specific benchmarks in place to make certain we attract and secure a wide-ranging talent pool. Our diverse workforce across all tiers results in innovative problem-solving and more informed decision-making, thus adding significant value to our team.

Today, 46 percent of our U.S. workforce comes from minority backgrounds, and 36 percent of our global team members are female. Throughout 2022, we partnered with several organizations to support our diversity in recruiting goals, including a partnership with Disability Solutions to offer Fireside Chat and HR/Manager webinars to increase disability awareness and support diversity recruitment. The EXDI Team also partnered with Diversity and Talent to create a Virtual Employee Resource Center as a centralized repository of global resources for our team members to learn more about West and continue their professional development.

Team Member Experience
We understand that to help retain our talented team members, we must continue embedding EXDI strategies across the entire Employee Experience journey.

Revitalization of the EBRGs occurred throughout 2022 as the groups continued connecting team members around the globe, further expanding networks and fostering professional development. Our EBRG structure now has four groups — Women’s Initiatives Network (WIN), Multinational Organization Supporting an Inclusive Culture (MOSAIC), Veterans & Allies Leading for Organizational Results (VALOR), and the newly chartered West Disability Network (WDN).

Throughout the year, members of the West EBRG community held professional development luncheons and fireside chats, and hosted guest speakers focused on both leadership development and professionaldevelopment. The revitalization of the EBRGs culminated with a two-day EBRG Summit, in which all EBRG Global Steering Committee members were familiarized with the newly developed resources available to them and training on how to sustain the EBRG initiative.

Another initiative for retaining top talent was the launch of the Science, Technology, and Engineering (STE) Eminence program, which is helping to create clear career paths for West’s technical population.

As we look ahead, our goal is to continue to evolve as a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. We will work hard to support EXDI and promote more inclusive practices throughout the organization, creating a safe and welcoming environment for current team members and for those talented candidates we seek to attract.

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