West and TECHIN collaboration

By Eecho Wang

March 10, 2022

We recently announced our partnership with TECHIN – a Technology Innovation Foundation of IIT Palakkad which focuses on assisting innovation and incubation for growing entrepreneurs, to build a Medtech Research Center of Excellence.

Premature new born baby

By Caitlin Joran

February 22, 2022

At West, we pride ourselves for our passion for our customers. We work hard to be by the side of their journey to ultimately create a healthier world. Our customers, both big and small, work every day to help patients with various diseases, syndromes, and conditions live a better life. We consider the success of our customers to be our success as well.


By Didarul B. Bhuiyan

February 10, 2022

According to Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), in the US about 110,000 people are waiting for organs right now and about 20 patients die each day waiting for a transplant1. Due to shortage of donors and requirements for matching, there is a huge demand for manufactured tissues and organs. Bioprinting has emerged as a very promising tool for solving this major unmet need in healthcare.

Showing the prototype wearable injector before injection (left) whilst a participant is breathing normally and during injection (right). Once a participant simulated an apnea event, comparable to an opioid overdose, the device automatically injects naloxone.

By Alex Lyness

January 20, 2022

West has recently collaborated with a research team at the University of Washington (UW) led by Professor Shyam Gollakota to develop a wearable device to detect and reverse an opioid overdose.

WuXi Bio Group

By Eecho Wang

December 09, 2021

At West, one of our core values is passion for customers. Their success is ultimately our success. Understanding our customers’ unique challenges and focus areas, ultimately helps us to better provide solutions for their needs. Recently, the West China Commercial Team visited one of our major local customers, Wuxi Biologics, and hosted its first large-scale on-site customer event, “Innovation Day.” As one of our major local customers, Wuxi Biologics is a leading company in China’s prosperous biopharmaceutical industry. The event drew over 140 participants and expanded our strategic collaboration, which will help us further support Wuxi Biologics with their specific drug development needs.

CNPPA Blog Card

By Eecho Wang

June 15, 2021

We are delighted to share that West China has recently received two acknowledgements from China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association (CNPPA), an industrial authority in China, for West’s continuous efforts in supporting the healthcare industry during the pandemic and insightful sharing on scientific thought leadership.