SmartDose® 10 Injector

Adaptive technology for large dose volumes

Advances in therapeutic proteins have helped to create new and more targeted drug products for a variety of issues. However, higher viscosities may not allow for conventional delivery due to the need for longer injection times to reduce patient discomfort. The SmartDose® 10 Injector leverages the success of our SmartDose 3.5 injector. With a dose volume of up to 10mL, the SmartDose 10 injector can adapt to a variety of drug delivery needs.


SmartDose 10 Injector 



Proud to support our partners with our SmartDose® technology: 

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Since 2010, West has invested in development of our SmartDose® technology scaling it to meet various application and delivery volume needs.

  • User loaded subcutaneous self-administration
  • Ability to deliver high volume and high viscosity drug products
  • Integrated connectivity
  • Easy to use, intuitive design to create a better user-experience
  • Making treatment more patient-centric with home administration
  • Visual, tactile and audible feedback to boost user confidence
  • Onboarding and training solutions
  • Formulation volumes up to 10mL
  • Formulation viscosities up to 100cP
  • Pre-programmable delivery times from minutes to hours
  • Pre-programmable delivery profiles to accommodate specific therapeutic needs
  • Continuous or pulsatile delivery modes
  • Fill-finish offerings to simplify the path to market

SmartDose 10mL Gen II Drug Delivery Platform Specifications

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