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一月 06, 2020

The NovaPure® Component Portfolio – Solution for Lifecycle Management

It is essential to consider lifecycle management during the development of new drugs &ndash; especially in the evolving area of biologic drugs. The market demand for both ease of use, and patient-centric at-home administration, is driving the need for innovative container systems and delivery devices. Typically, drugs are launched in vials; continuous development often then enables launch in other formats, such as pre-filled syringes and cartridges. West is committed to easing this movement from container systems to delivery devices through its NovaPure<sup>&reg;</sup> component portfolio of elastomer closures. NovaPure stoppers and plungers offer best performance and highest quality. Developed with Quality-by-Design principles, they use FluroTec<sup>&reg;</sup> barrier film and B2 coating technologies.
Cathy Chhour

Cathy Chhour

Sr. Technical Account Specialist, TCS, NA

Gamma Sterilization

十月 21, 2019

Gamma Sterilization Process DMFs Harmonized

Janet Gaboury

Janet Gaboury, PhD

Sr. Specialist Regulatory Affairs

Syringes and Syringe Components

八月 30, 2019

Simplify the Journey™ – Facilitating Industry Changes

Cathy Zhao

Cathy Zhao

Director, Scientific Insights Lab, SA & TS


六月 25, 2019

Bromobutyl versus Chlorobutyl Rubber Formulations - General Aspects

Heike Kofler

Dr. Heike Kofler

Manager, Technical Customer Support Europe

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