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August 21, 2020

Daikyo D Sigma® 1mL Long Pistons – Performance Excellence

West and its partner Daikyo have introduced a superior quality elastomeric piston the Daikyo D Sigma<sup>&reg;</sup> 1mL long piston, substantially raising the standard for product acceptance. The D Sigma piston combines Daikyo best practices with a known formulation (D21-7H), Daikyo Flurotec<sup>&reg;</sup> film, RB2 Coating, RSV<sup>&reg;</sup> and RUV<sup>&reg;</sup> processing with key innovation improvements of automated dimensional measurements, tight Acceptable Quality Levels (AQLs), particulate testing per ISO 8871-3, and enhanced vision inspection to achieve high levels of performance and consistency.
Katie Espenshade

Katie Espenshade

Sr. Technical Account Manager, TCS, NA

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Candice Sun

Specialist, Scientific Affairs, CN

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Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan

VP & GM, Global Generics

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