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十一月 27, 2017

Future Cell Therapy Treatments for Diabetes

<p>There have been many innovations over the past century since it was first shown that insulin injections could help control chronic diabetes. Advances in hardware and software have resulted in more accurate blood glucose sensors that work via less invasive means and insulin pumps that have become smaller and ever more sophisticated. As we discussed in our <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=BB11E284E06946C1B63B24997F8D2CC9&amp;_z=z">last blog</a> [1], there are also newer drugs, that when combined with traditional insulin therapy, can help patients better control the blood glucose levels.</p>
Alex Lyness

Alex Lyness, PhD CEng

Manager, Research and Technology, I&T

Lab Testing

九月 05, 2017

Spotlight on West’s Health and Safety Programs

Elizabeth Crawford

Exton Communications Team Intern

七月 24, 2017

Corporate Responsibility Report – Part 3: Celebrating Diversity

Elizabeth Crawford

Exton Communications Team Intern

West logo with Diamond

十月 19, 2016

Leaders Round Table Helps Support West's Market-Led Strategy

Taylor Pendergast

West's Global Communications Team

十一月 25, 2015

West on the Road—Jersey Shore, PA

West Author Logo

West's Global Communications Team

Director, Global Communications

十二月 01, 2014

The Difference Between “Latex,” “Natural Rubber,” “Natural Rubber Latex” and “Dry Natural Rubber”

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Jia Min Boo

Junior Technical Customer Support Specialist

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