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Ready Pack System

By Cathy Chhour

March 12, 2019

As of 2018, over 4,000 new injectable drug products are in development world wide – a great many of these in small settings such as universities, medical research institutes, and small companies.  These efforts need the ready availability of high quality, sterile packaging products in small volumes for developmental and clinical phases.

Flip-Off Seals

By West's Marketing Team

September 22, 2016

Known for a commitment to excellence in elastomeric components, West has complemented its vial closure portfolio with the Flip-Off® seal brand. Particularly in its ability to provide solutions for aseptic and clean crimping, the Flip-Off seal demonstrates potential to become an industry standard.

By Jessica Teigs

April 03, 2014

When selecting parenteral packaging components, the vial and stopper are typically discussed, but the seal is often an afterthought. Seals do not have direct product contact and are considered secondary packaging. However, the selection of an appropriate seal is critical to assure proper container closure integrity as well as determine how the product will function for the end user.

Blue West logo with Diamond

By Whitney Winters

January 22, 2014

Need immediate shipping of stoppers or seals? West has an efficient niche operation for small quantity fulfillment: our facility in Lititz, Pennsylvania. For those seeking samples, small quantity fulfillment for research and development needs or just a few components, Lititz offers off the shelf, convenient, fast and friendly customer service.