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By Henry Zhang

April 13, 2021

Cell therapies show tremendous promise for the treatment of a variety of life-threatening diseases. Their approvals are increasing. Because cell therapies are extraordinarily expensive, it is imperative that the primary packaging system maintain integrity through the shelf life.


By Carol Mooney

January 11, 2021

West is pleased to announce the addition of Stevanato Group’s (SG) clean, sterilized, depyrogenated EZ-fill® glass vials in 2R, 6R and 10R sizes for 13mm and 20mm stoppers and seals to its Online Store. These ready-to-fill vials are a high-quality option for general pharmaceutical use.


By Jia Min Boo

April 25, 2018

Customers  frequently ask: Do we need to wash secondary closures, such as West Flip-Off® seals? Like so many questions, the answer is “it depends”. But in general, the answer is “no”.


By Sylvia Marzotko

February 02, 2018

In recent years, regulatory guidelines such as The European Medicines Agency (EMA) Annex 1 “Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products” have influenced the requirements for the seal crimping processes. EMA Annex 1 specifies that the manufacturing of sterile products is subject to “special requirements in order to minimize risks of microbiological contamination.” The EMA refers to two processes in fill-finish area of manufacturing plants performing aseptic filling:  Aseptic Crimping and Clean Crimping.  To ensure compliance, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to select the proper seal for each process.


By Simon Côté

December 01, 2017

The process of crimping an aluminum seal onto a pre-stoppered vial should not be overlooked or underemphasized. Within the pharmaceutical industry, there is a need for an elegant and effective seal not only from the cosmetic perspective, but also more importantly, because of the correlation between seal quality and container closure integrity. Even in laboratory settings and during early-stage evaluations of a drug product and containment system, reliable, robust and consistent crimped seals are necessary.


By West's Product Management Team

February 09, 2017

The LyoSeal® cap— an all-plastic, instant sealing solution for lyophilized drugs—recently launched at Pharmapack 2017. Plastic seals present a unique opportunity for commercial pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as for R&D and pre-clinical applications seeking simplified manual capping options (no tools required).